For help slashing your grocery bill to bits and bringing greater variety and food independence, plus better health and peace of mind, enlist Chicory Hickory Dock, Connecticut’s premier vegetable garden consultant and installation contractor, serving the region generally betwixt Worcester, MA and Norwich, CT and between Hartford, CT and Providence, RI. If your family should be eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, but you haven’t the time or know-how to get started growing vegetables from seed, CHD is expert in preparing a layout and plan customized to you, and can provide garden soil, fencing, trellising, row covers and all – complete and Ready-To-Grow. Our initial consultation will teach us the specifics about your family’s tastes and goals, from which we will tailor your edible gardens from start to finish, including delivery, spreading and grading of our Ready-To-Grow, no-synthetic-additives, topsoil-and-compost blend, perfect for easy tending and a bountiful harvest. Let’s design a plan that will have you harvesting this winter and spring, as well as in the summer and fall, by providing the protection you will need in order to grow seasonal crops year round.

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