After healthcare, education is a company’s employees’ greatest concern. Individuals tend to factor into their job decisions whether or not education is valued by their employer. EnCompass Education ( provides companies with a revolutionary work-life benefit to bring education planning solutions on-site and on-line to help them recruit, motivate and retain quality employees.

EnCompass offers comprehensive programming that includes school advising, college counseling, graduate planning, and special education guidance and is delivered through seminars, 1-on-1 advising, online tools and a help-line for employees and their family members at a tiny fraction of the cost of healthcare or any other family-oriented benefit.

With EnCompass Education, companies are able to:

– Recruit the highest caliber personnel by differentiating their company as an “employer-of-choice” on the staffing front
– Show a commitment to families beyond the standard benefits that everyone has come to expect
– Retain a diverse workforce with a normally cost-prohibitive private resource
– Reduce work interruptions for an estimated 42% who use significant work time to address education planning needs

HR, Work-Life, and Benefits executives can now provide the most forward thinking solutions for employees’ educational planning needs.

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