The Geek Office Solutions Div. of Geek Housecalls, Inc. serves over 500 small business customers, having from 1 to 100 computers in the greater Boston area.
For small customers, who do not want to have an ongoing contract for IT support, we offer on demand responsive support where we will come to your office to provide the support needed, when you need it on a time and material basis.
For customers having between 10 to 100 workstation computers and 1 or more servers, we offer a “Virtual IT Department” service, which is an all-inclusive service for a fixed monthly cost with a one year contract.
The bottom line is, no matter what your computer support needs are, we can provide the right level of support for your organization. No company is too small for us to service at a cost-effective, responsive, professional and timely basis.
Call us at 800-574-4335 if you would like to explore how we could provide your IT support needs.

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