Beautiful lamps start with beautiful lampshades.

Founded in Needham, MA in 2003 J. Gregory’s has always been committed to offering the widest selection of fashion forward lamp shades, distinctive lamps, accessories and lamp repair services. From our years of experience in the lighting business we know how important it is to fit that perfect lamp or lamp shade that will balance the room you spent months or longer working on. That is why J. Gregory is dedicated to spending as much time and effort with each individual customer on a personal basis until they achieve that exact look they envisioned.

We believe that a simple change of a lamp shade or lamp can do wonders to enhance any room. With such a wide array of beautiful colors, thousands of fabrics, materials and the highest quality lamp brands in the industry to choose from J. Gregory will be with you every step of the way.

At J. Gregory, we always look forward to working with you.

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