MeetingWave can help members meet new people for business or social purposes, while providing control, privacy and flexibility. Members can propose networking meetings, yet control who attends and whether the meeting occurs. The proposed meeting can be in person (e.g., coffee, lunch, golf…) or virtual (e.g., Skype, teleconference,…).

MeetingWave is all about bringing immediate opportunities to members to meet new people, while providing control, privacy and flexibility in deciding who you ultimately meet.

MeetingWave Features: * Control when and where you meet and whether the meeting occurs. * Control who you meet and when to disclose your identity.

Meetings are only confirmed if the member who posted the invite approves at least one acceptance from another member. Otherwise, there’s no obligation to have the meeting. That is, when you post an invite, you are never committing to a meeting until someone accepts and you approve.

Members can communicate with other members using double-blind messaging to confirm and facilitate meetings without disclosing their identity or contact information. Members can also conceal your MW profile and the specific location of the proposed meeting and we’ll only disclose to approved attendees. Members can post single date invites or recurring invites (e.g., daily, weekdays, weekly, monthly).

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