Open Space is a community clinic designed to bring affordable, effective acupuncture to the heart of Union Square. Treatments are on a sliding scale per treatment, plus a one time intake fee the first visit. No proof of income is required; our patients decide what they can afford.

The affordable rates are possible because rather than treating in private rooms, we treat people in a shared open space. Each person gets individualized treatment customized to their needs. The atmosphere in an open space is quiet and meditative, with many falling asleep once their needles are in. Community style acupuncture, where multiple treatments take place in one shared space, has long been the standard in Asia, and has become popular in the US over the past five years. Patients appreciate the option of scheduling treatments together with their spouse, family, and friends. The sliding scale enables patients to come regularly enough to get better and stay better.

Practitioners enjoy the successful results, attributing them not only to frequency of treatment and effective distal style treatment techniques, but also to what seems to be a bonus of treating more than one person in a room, the multiple treatments in a community clinic lend a ‘healing charge’ to the room, and make each individual treatment all the more effective.

Open Space Community Acupuncture is part of The Community Acupuncture Network, a growing network of over 180 community clinics around the country, where thousands of people are getting treated this way, both patients and practitioners love it.

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66-70 Union Square, Suite 102 - Somerville MA 02143