Founded in late August, 2012, UR Business Network launched their internet radio stream in mid-November the same year. The brainchild of 20 year multimedia marketing veteran Sergio Garcia and serial entrepreneur Rick Brutti, it provides a unique platform for internet radio with 24/7 stream on iTunes, ShoutCAST as well as their homepage. It streams all organic business content provided by their 40+ shows.

Since they opened, they have broadcast thousands of hours of exclusive and syndicated content with weekly episodes that are hosted by a lineup up of business owners, entrepreneurs and technical experts. Each show is a unique representation of the host’s area of expertise and provides a wealth of information. Past guests have included CEOs, authors, politicians, business founders, and entrepreneurs. With a talented cast of experts, their business experience runs from exit strategy to international business.

UR Business Network has evolved into an educational resource for budding entrepreneurs. Each show’s podcast is archived with bios of guests, each episode includes tips and tricks, providing an opportunity to learn from the experiences of real business owners. Within years time, their team built an audio platform for budding business magnates to learn from the best, and be heard and shared by a growing audience.

Their team of technicians, writers and executives strives to continually improve organic content, working non-stop to present the best possible 24 hours of business radio seven days a week.

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Our Address:

100 Trade Center, Suite 700 - Woburn MA 01801