A vision for more personalized, effective healthcare, Visions HealthCare is a family-owned, integrative medical and wellness organization with facilities located in Dedham and Needham, MA. Since 2008, Visions has aimed to develop a sustainable care model by providing a complete and unique approach to health with a foundation built on gratitude, inspiration and education. Partnering with patients, Visions offers a wide variety of services that support each individual in achieving his/her unique goals and optimal vitality. We are the only functional medicine practice in the greater area that accepts insurance and offers hour long appointments.

Although Visions HealthCare also provides typical healthcare services through their primary care physicians and specialists, its unique strength is a comprehensive wellness approach that includes acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, bodywork, spiritual alignment, nutrition, and energy healing. Visions’ physicians work with their patients to find the balance within five complementary areas of health: structural, chemical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. This propietary 5 aspects model combined with our holistic, functional medicine, understanding positions Visions as a leading steward and champion of a new approach to wellness that will enhance well-being far more effectively than today’s mainstream medical institution’s fixation on illness could ever do.

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